Film Club

Motion pictures being one of the most influential media for the upliftment of sociocultural status of the society, it requires special focus in finding growing talents of this field. The Cochin College Film Club was started with this view. The Club conducts film related awareness among its members and conducts seminars, competitions, workshops, film screening etc. The activities of the Film Club for the current year was charted out in the meeting held on August 16, 2013. In the meeting, it was decided to draw students towards an active involvement in the Film Club through continued activities and competitions. The events were intended not only to expand their knowledge in the field of cinematography and associated science, but also to impart a cultural value as well as an obligation towards the society they live in.

Current Activities

The following are the activities of Film Club charted for this academic year.

Film Review Contest

Rules and regulations:

1) The contest is divided into three levels:

a) Round 1: Represents the screening test to select students with the right aptitude. The students who pass this stage will be given student membership in the film club.

b) Round 2: Second level of screening. Ten students will be shortlisted for the Stage 3.

c) Round 3: First, second and third prizes will be decided according to the performance in this stage.

2) Movie show: 1½ hours + Review writing: 1 hour.

3) Only spot review is entertained.

4) Medium of writing can be either in English or in Malayalam.

5) Entry restricted to prior registered participants only.

Documentary Day

The Club will be conducting a Documentary Day in which a socially relevant issue will be expressed via a documentary. A talk by an emminent resource person in the morning session will be followed by the a documentary show related to the talk. All are invited.

Friday Movie

The Club projects an art movie on every Friday during the interval period from 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm. The venue for the event is the Smart Class Room on second floor. All are invited.

Future Plans

The members are planning for a 3 minute video shoot completely done by our students. The video will highlight the experiences of notable personalities who were past students of Cochin College, the virtues of being a student of this college, how the general public considers the success of the college in imparting higher education at Fort Kochi, the expectations of the current students, the success of the management and staff in serving the society, etc. in a concise manner. The video will be considered as a testimonial and can be the best media expressing the success of college’s vision through the upcoming college website.

Club Officials
  • Dr. P. R. Reshimon (Convenor) Associate Professor in Malayalam
  • Sri. Paulbert Thomas Assistant Professor in Electronics
  • Smt. Reethi P. Assistant Professor in English