Ph D ( 2005) from International School of Photonics, Cochin University of Science & Technology 

MPhil (1991) from School of Pure and Applied Physics, M.G University, Kottayam 

MSc (1989) from Department of Physics, Cochin University of Science & Technology 

BSc (1987) from Sacred Heart College, M.G.University. 

Total Teaching Experience :- 17 Years 

Post graduate level - 12 years 

Membership in Professional Bodies: 

Life member of photonic Society of India 

Life Member of Indian Association of Physics Teachers 

Member of Academy of Physics Teachers

Recent Publications : 

1. Photoacoustic Study on the photostability of PMMA doped with Rhodamine 6G- Rhodamine B dye mixture system (J.Phys.D, Appl.Physics, 2005) 

2. Thermal characterization of ceramic tapes using photoacoustic technique (Phys.Stat.Sol.(a),2007) 

Participation in seminars/ conferences/Refresher courses (Since 2005): 

UGC Sponsored Refresher course at School of Pure and Applied Physics, M.G. University (2005) 

UGC Sponsored annual Photonics workshop on Ultrafast Optical Processes Application od Pico/subpico second laser pulses held at ISP, CUSAT (2006) 

Workshop on formulation of project proposal for funding by external agencies organized by S.H.C., Kerala Academy of Sciences and Kerala State Council for Science & Technology and environment (2006) 

UGC Sponsored workshop -Recent Trends in Nonlinear Optics (APW 2007), ISP, CUSAT 

UGC Sponsored workshop -Ultrafast Processes and applications (APW 2008), ISP, CUSAT 

Swadeshi Science Movement, DST & CSIR sponsored National seminar on Self reliance in energy, The cochin College, Kochi . 

UGC Sponsored national Seminar- Optoelectronics-2008, The Cochin College, kochi-2 

Seminar on Restructuring and grading at undergraduate level Sponsored by the Kerala Higher Education Council, The Cohin College, Kochi (2008) 

UGC Sponsored workshop Quantum Optics (APW 2010), ISP, CUSAT 

Recent Trends in Fiber Optics and its applications, ISP, CUSAT (2011) 

Stimulating teachers through advanced training program (STAT) for college teachers on Recent Trends in Photonics Organized by CUSAT & UGC - Academic Staff College, university of Kerala(2010) 

Recent trends in Photonics (APW -2012), ISP, CUSAT

Title of the Ph.D.thesis: Characterization of selected photonic materials and systems using Photoacoustic technique. 

Approved Research Guide of M.G.University, Kottayam 

Area of interest : Light- matter interaction - characterization and spectroscopic studies of photonic materials.