Dr. Smitha N.R joined the department in 2014 and currently is the Head of the Department. Prior to joining the department she was guest faculty with Patkar-Varde College, Mumbai. She was a Senior Research Fellow at Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) (1998-2001), Senior Research Scientist at Media Lab Asia (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology) (2007-2009) and Post doctoral Fellow at Central Marine Research Institute (CMFRI) (2009-10). 

1. National Journals:

Quantitative studies on Halophilic pathogenic vibrios in fish and fish products.  Journal: Fishery Technology 2011, Vol. 48 (1) pp: 75-80          : N.R. Smitha, Leejee James, T.S.G. Iyer, and   S.   Sanjee

2. National Conferences:

Screening of actinobacteria with potential antagonistic activity against aquaculture pathogensfrom marine and mangrove sediments from the south west coast of India.            Proceedings: Microbiology & Microbial Technology 2013   pp: 28 Smitha. N.R, Kajal Chakraborty, Anusree V. Nair, leo Antony, and K.K. Vijayan.

3. International Conferences

Effect of Disinfectants on selected species of  halophilic pathogenic vibrios.                                                              

Proceedings: World Ocean Science Congress 2015 PP: 69, WOSC/TS-3/OHH/PP/06 .  Smitha N.R and Sanjeev .S                                                                             


1. Area of interest is aquatic microbiology. My Ph.D work was on Halophilic pathogenic vibrios and their effective management in seafood meant for export. Also I have carried out screening of bioactive actinobacteria from the mangrove and marine sediments of the west coast of India as part of post my doctoral work in CMFRI.  

2. Other areas of Interest include Bioremediation and its possibilities.