Department of Economics

Economics : 
The Department of Economics was started in 1967 and became a full-fledged department in the year 1980, when B.A. Economics was started with Mathematics and History as subsidiaries. So far 33 batches of students completed course from this department. At present there are 158 students studying and two teachers in the department. The former faculty of this department consisted of Prof. T.P. George Prof. Sham Bhatt and Prof. Valsala, Dr. N. Ajithkumar, Prof. P. Supriya. Present faculty consists of Dr. K. Sindhu.
The main objective of the department is to provide quality education to the students. A majority of the students who join the B.A. Economics course have comparatively low marks at the stage of entry. It is ensured that the point of exit their marks are more than at the point of entry. It is also ensured that good rapport is maintained with the students and parents so as to guide them properly.
The Department offers a Career Oriented Add on Course funded by UGC on Trade/ Logistics Management. One major Research Project was completed by the Dept. with Dr. Sindhu K. as the Principal Investigator.
History : 
The subject History was introduced in 1967 and subsequently when B.A. in Economics and English Literature was started, History was offered as an allied or subsidiary subject because of its composite nature. To students in Economics, History underlines the fact that “Economics without History has no Roots and History without Economics has no Fruits.” Students of Literature study History because “History is Record of life and literature is Reflection of Life.” The substance and shadow go together. The general library has a modest collection of 500 History books for reference.
Dr. Sindhu K.

Assistant Professor & HOD, Dept of Economics
Ph.D., M.A., P.G. Diploma in Journalism & Communication


Nabila M.

Assistant professor on contract
M.A. Economics, NET




Assistant Professor on Contract
M.A. Economics, B.Ed., NET



Renjith S.

Assistant Professor of History
M.A. History, B.Ed.,NET,SET




  1. “Reminiscences-2013” -A meeting of alumni of the Department of Economics on Saturday, 14th December, 2013 at 2.30 p.m.
  2. “Vistas” -Lecture Series on Contemporary Economic Environment – Inaugural Lecture “What Ails Kerala Economy? by Prof. S. Muraleedharan, Associate Professor, SNG College of Engineering, Kolenchery on Wednesday 18th December, 2013, 10 a.m.
  3. Department under the Financial Literacy Programme of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) organized a demonstration class on Online Stock Trading on4th October, 2013.. Dr. Tomy Varghese resource person of SEBI, handled the session.
  4. Organised State level Seminar on the ‘Dynamics of Gold Price Rise’ on 18th September, 2012. Dr. Vijaya Kumar , Financial consultant, Geojit BNP Paribas was the chief resource person.
  5. The Department conducted Interior Designing Competition in association with Designer India Magazine. Students from various departments participated actively in the competition.