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  • Code of Conduct

    • Students are expected to be in the class at the first bell. No student shall leave the class without the permission of the teacher concerned.
    • Students should obtain the permission of the principal or the class teacher to leave the college during working hours.
    • Students should be simple and modest in their dressing; dignified and courteous in their conduct.
    • Students are strictly warned against forwarding complaints of any kind without the knowledge and consent of the principal.
    • No meeting or function of any kind shall be held without the sanction of the principal.
    • The use of mobile phones by the students in the college and the college campus is strictly forbidden as per the rules of Mahatma Gandhi University.
    • Refrain from possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol, narcotic substance and tobacco. Students who violate the rules shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
    • The principal or other constituted college authority may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary nature regulating the conduct of students within the college campus, insofar as such rules seem necessary:
      a) to secure the observance of the above rules, and
      b) to maintain the reputation of the college.
    • The principal shall be the final authority in the interpretation of the college rules.
  • Code of Ethics

    • Maintain high ideals of personal integrity and not engage in activities that bring disrepute to oneself, faculty and the institution.
    • Be courteous and respectful to others, avoid disrupting the academic environment and not maliciously injure the reputation of another student, faculty or staff member.
    • Do not commit the following acts which amount to academic misconduct: cheating, committing plagiarism, fabricating data, submitting false certificates, offering bribes, impersonating others and aiding others in acts of academic misconduct.
    • Act with responsibility and fairness towards others in all activities.
    • Appropriate use of college facilities in a correct and safe manner.
  • Core Value

    Built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better futures for all, we commit to our core values of:


    We strive for excellence in all our academic pursuits. We are committed to innovation in our teaching, research, and outreach to our communities. We commit to continuous self-improvement to achieve excellence in all our endeavors.

    Ethics and Dignity

    We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, respect, and professional and scholarly ethics. We value the dignity and worth of all people. We expect all of our conduct to be based on integrity, mutual respect, civility, that conduct is driven by the highest ethical standards.


    We embrace all aspects of human diversity and value its necessity to ensure a vibrant learning community. We are committed to providing a college community that is supportive, safe, and welcoming. We are committed to ensuring intercultural and international diversity in our curriculum and our people.

    Student Focus

    We are committed to fostering the professional and personal growth of all students and our fellow colleagues by promoting lifelong learning and leadership development. These interests are the primary focus of college decisions and activities.

    Collaboration and Public Engagement

    We commit to working collegially and cooperatively in establishing productive partnerships with our colleagues in education, university, corporate, nonprofit, and public communities. Through these partnerships, we strive to improve education and the quality of life for all to ensure a better future for all.


Admission for 2023-2024 has been Closed


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