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The pivotal objective of our IQAC is to establish a robust framework that fosters mindful, continuous, and impactful measures, driving the enhancement of both academic and administrative prowess within our institution.


In adherence to NAAC guidelines, our Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is committed to upholding and elevating standards, with a focus on ensuring and enhancing the academic and administrative excellence of our institution.


    • Establishing a framework for mindful, consistent, and transformative enhancement in the performance of our principal stakeholders – the dedicated staff and students of the institution.
    • Cultivating and endorsing innovative practices to perpetually elevate the efficacy of learning experiences for both students and staff.
    • Committed to the pursuit of quality enhancement and sustainability, we organize diverse activities and programs on the campus, aligning with our overarching goals.
    • Nurturing a learner-centric environment that aligns with the mission and vision of the institution, fostering growth and development for both students and staff.

    • Formulating and implementing quality benchmarks and parameters for diverse academic and administrative endeavors within the institution.
    • Disseminating comprehensive information on the quality parameters inherent in higher education to ensure transparency and awareness.
    • Orchestrating workshops and seminars focused on quality-related themes, while fostering the promotion of quality circles to encourage collaborative improvement efforts.
    • Thorough documentation of various programs and activities designed to drive continuous quality enhancement.
    • Compiling the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) based on meticulously assessed quality parameters, to be submitted to NAAC.
    • Conducting orientation programs tailored for both the academic and administrative staff to align with the institution's quality objectives.
    • Implementing a robust feedback mechanism to gather valuable insights from students and stakeholders for ongoing quality assessment and improvement.

    IQAC is committed to evolving mechanisms and procedures for:

    • Ensuring the punctual, efficient, and progressive execution of academic, administrative, and financial tasks within the institution.
    • Optimizing and seamlessly integrating modern methods of teaching, learning, and evaluation to enhance educational practices.
    • Guaranteeing the sufficiency, maintenance, and seamless functioning of the support structure to sustain the institution's operational efficiency.

    IQAC will play a pivotal role in:

    • Cultivating heightened clarity and focus in institutional operations, fostering a culture of quality enhancement, and promoting internalization of quality principles.
    • Enhancing and integrating diverse activities within the institution, institutionalizing best practices for comprehensive improvement.
    • Offering a robust foundation for decision-making to enhance overall institutional functionality.
    • Serving as a catalyst for change within the institution, driving positive transformation.
    • Improving intercommunication channels, fostering better collaboration and coordination among various facets of institutional functioning.


Admission for 2023-2024 has been Closed


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