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Department Support

Sl.No Name Department Phone Email
1 Dr. Rekha P. G Head Dept. of Commerce +919447124760 rekhapg@thecochincollege.edu.in
2 Dr. Manjusha M V Head Dept. of Physics +919495673678 manjushamv@thecochincollege.edu.in
3 Mr. Dominic T Joseph Head Dept. of Mathematics +919495804587 dominictjoseph@thecochincollege.edu.in
4 Dr. Sindhu K Head Dept. of Economics +919447326223 sindhuk@thecochincollege.edu.in
5 Dr. Smitha N R Head Dept. of Zoology +919495370537 smithanr@thecochincollege.edu.in
6 Mrs. Srividya K. S. Head Dept. of Hindi +919446067103 srividyaks@thecochincollege.edu.in
7 Dr. Reshimon P. R. Head Dept. of Malayalam +919446606887 rishi@thecochincollege.edu.in
8 Mrs. Mrudula Menon V Head Dept. of English +919446897002 mrudulamenonv@thecochincollege.edu.in
9 Mrs. Janu V Kumar Head Dept. of French +919633189499 januvkumar@thecochincollege.edu.in
10 Dr. Paulbert Thomas Head Dept. of Electronics +919496827278 paulbert@thecochincollege.edu.in
11 Dr. Jayesh Kuriakose Head Dept. of Bio-Technology +919447120534 jayeshkuriakose@thecochincollege.edu.in
12 Dr. Zafna Rasheed Head Dept. of Chemistry +919946644003 zafnarasheed@thecochincollege.edu.in
13 Dr. Nayana Jose Head Dept. of Bio-Chemistry +919562830208 nayanajose@thecochincollege.edu.in
14 Dr. Suprabha Gopalan Nair Head Dept. of Botany +919633447298 suprabhagopalannair@thecochincollege.edu.in
15 Mr. Amal Pavithran Head Dept. of Mathematics - SF +919846519762 amalpavithran@thecochincollege.edu.in
16 Dr. Vrindha Vijayan Head Dept. of Hindi - SF +919961427588 vrindhavijayan@thecochincollege.edu.in
17 Ms. Keerthana S Head Dept. of Computer-Application - SF +919633981674 keerthanas@thecochincollege.edu.in
18 Dr. Meera Menon Head Dept. of Zoology - SF +918075350289 meeramenon@thecochincollege.edu.in
19 Mrs. Betna Rodrigues Head Dept. of Business-Administration - SF +919388222335 betnarodrigues@thecochincollege.edu.in
20 Mrs. Vidya Joseph Head Dept. of Chemistry - SF +918281985219 vidyajoseph@thecochincollege.edu.in
21 Mr. Ramachandra Vijayakumar Head Dept. of Commerce - SF +919447027660 ramachandravijayakumar@thecochincollege.edu.in


Admission for 2023-2024 has been Closed


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    15 Mar 2024
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    12 Mar 2024
  • English Enrichment Programme for Anganwadi Mothers and Teachers More.....

    12 Mar 2024
  • Congratulations!!!! Naila Najoob, I BA English student, received Gold Medal for 24th Kerala State Men and Women Classic Power Lifting Championship 2024 More.....

    11 Mar 2024
  • Talk Series- Theoretical Peregrinations Resource Person: Abhijith Radhakrishnan Topic: "Pikcher" Perfect(?): Decoding Popular Indian Cinema More.....

    15 Feb 2024
  • Talk on Research Methodology. Resource Person : Dr. Nibu Thomson. Head of the department of English. Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha More.....

    13 Feb 2024
  • Theoretical Peregrinations: Talk Series. Resource Person: Dr. Augustine George, Assistant Professor of English, Sacred Heart College, East Campus, Thevara. Topic - Envisioning Transcendence: Portraying Transhumanist Philosophy through Manga. More.....

    12 Feb 2024
  • TECZA 2024 Inter University Fest On 18th Jan to 19th Jan, Conducted by Computer Department of The Cochin College Kochi-2. https://www.tecza.cc/ More.....

    18 Jan 2024

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